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Ménestel, Le Tout-Puissant (Série Rouge) (French Edition)
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9780521449809 - Marc Guiguin: Ménestel, Le Tout-Puissant (Série Rouge) (French Edition)
Marc Guiguin (?):

Ménestel, Le Tout-Puissant (Série Rouge) (French Edition) (1994) (?)

ISBN: 9780521449809 (?) ou 0521449804, en français, 55 pages, Cambridge University Press, Livre de poche, Utilisé, Signé

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Du vendeur/antiquaire, Sunrise Books UK Ltd
Série rouge is a paperback series for 14-16 year olds learning French. Authentic French paperbacks for teenagers, which may be at the right cognitive level, are usually too difficult linguistically for students who have only been studying French at school for a limited amount of time per week. Série rouge provides a stepping stone, offering stories of romance, murder and mystery, everyday stories and true stories, all written in straightforward French, in an easy-to-read format. The illustrations have been carefully chosen to help readers follow the text more easily. Olivier always sits at the back in Bismarck's history lessons. One day he finds a curious little man carved on his desk, signed "Ménestel, the all-powerful". One red ball triggers a strange sequence of events that gradually unfold in the compelling story of Ménestel, le tout-puissant. Paperback, Label: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge University Press, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 1994-01-28, Studio: Cambridge University Press, Verkaufsrang: 11187598
9780521449809 - Marc Guiguin: Menestel, Le Tout-Puissant
Marc Guiguin (?):

Menestel, Le Tout-Puissant (?)

ISBN: 9780521449809 (?) ou 0521449804, en anglais, Cambridge University Press, Livre de poche, Nouveau

8,04 (US$ 8,95)¹(sans obligation)
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Du vendeur/antiquaire
Menestel-Le-Tout-Puissant~~Marc-Guiguin, Menestel, Le Tout-Puissant